What is Namaste Care?

Honouring the Spirit Within

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia or it is decided that a palliative care pathway will be the most appropriate course of action, can we find the right words to start a conversation? Perhaps the ability to communicate may no longer be there? In these difficult times we still need to touch people and connect.

The word ‘Namaste’ means ‘to honour the spirit within’ and Namaste Care honours the individual receiving its services.

“From this process three aspects came out as being important to the Namaste Care Intervention UK:

  • Creating the right atmosphere for the session. 
    Lighting, aroma, background sounds and visual stimulation, and having a clear beginning and end to a session all add to the overall ambience
  • Considering what goes on in a session.
    Giving people the chance to explore different tastes, textures and sensations by considering physical comfort, engaging with nature, and using expressive touch, food and drink, and tactile stimulation
  • The additional components for engaging individuals where appropriate.
    Using individual music or aromas, sort toys or dolls, involving families, significant items for residents, and using existing sensory rooms or equipment if available”

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