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To honour the spirit within

How does namaste allow space for positive and meaningful connection?

Namaste care is a loving approach to changing the focus and structure of people’s lives with advanced dementia providing quality of life until the end of life.

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for people suffering from dementia


Namaste Care Family programma for people suffering from dementia.

What Inspires Us to Discover Namaste?

Namaste Care International is a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting and encouraging the growth of Namaste Care provision around the world. Any monies raised by sponsorship, donations, membership, training and grants will be used to cover administration costs, event costs and in the further development of the organisations’ social aims.

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Namaste Training Program

Namaste Care International offers training by professional, experienced trainers who learn directly from Professor Joyce Simard.

Namaste Care Resources

Explore the Namaste Care resources section for Scientific articles, conference abstracts and many more valuable materials.

Namaste Care Worldwide

Welcome to Namaste Care International, a not-for-profit membership organisation for the global promotion of Namaste Care. 

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Namaste Care International Conference 2023

Namaste Care International Conference 2023

Online23 September 2023Namaste Care practitioners will come together to learn, share and celebrate how they touch lives through their work.

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Champions calls

Champions calls

We are holding NCI champion calls for southern and northern hemisphere on a quarterly basis.22 September 2023Namaste Care International Champion Calls

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