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Namaste – Care UK

Care UK is one of the largest care providers in the UK, providing specialist dementia care in all 153 homes across 3 nations of the British mainland. Namaste is an integral part of the care we offer people living with advanced dementia, and those experiencing stress and distress. All our homes now have Namaste practitioners trained, and delivering Namaste care every week, many are delivering Namaste daily in group sessions, and 1-1 for those people no longer able to attend the groups.

Our Namaste story started in 2019, when we introduced Namaste to the Executive Leadership Team as a “must have” for people living with advanced dementia, and less able to participate in traditional activities.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we have always found ways to engage people with the gentle comforting touch, sensory stimulation, reminiscence, and the additional nutrition/hydration associated with Namaste. We firmly believe it was especially important during the pandemic when families were being excluded from care settings.

As restrictions have eased so we have been able to increase the number of group sessions that are supported in our care homes, train more colleagues as Namaste Practitioners including training family members, and provide Namaste to help settle people if they are distressed at night.

Care UK are committed to ensuring that anyone who would benefit from Namaste Care receives it, when they need it, and our colleagues are proud to wear their Care UK Namaste badges.

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