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Care UK: a founder member of Namaste Care International

We are proud to announce that Care UK have become founder members of Namaste Care International, and Suzanne Mumford and NCI are working together to take Namaste across all 120 homes within the group. Care UK is one of the biggest providers, and they recognise the importance of the healing g power of touch and other benefits that introducing Namaste into your service can bring. With more homes and services joining us, the Namaste community is flourishing worldwide.

NCI is growing fast and spreading all around the world. We have recently had Hong Kong join our international community and look forward to adding other regions to our global family. Find out more on the Namaste worldwide tab.

“When I deliver Namaste, I find that the intervention brings residents out of themselves as it creates a space for different conversations. I think it’s because you connect with each other on a different level through the medium of touch. The intervention is both beneficial to the resident and myself, as I have found an inner confidence with the training and the new skills I have learnt.

I have also tried a group session and was surprised by the sense of community and togetherness in created, which is sometimes difficult to achieve on my suite. This training has really given me a sense of purpose, and I love that I have a specific role in my team that I take pride and ownership over.”

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