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China’s Elderly Meets Namaste Care

When Gong Zengliang was visiting the Care Building of Taikang Community Yan Garden, the manager of skilled nursing floor chatted with him about her feelings, she said: “we can physically take good care of these elderly people, who are in the last stage of their life. But most of the time, they can only sit or lie quietly doing nothing. We know their needs are there, but there is little we can do for them other than personal care.” Gong Zengliang was very touched by the feelings of the manager and the weather-beaten eyes of the elderly that shone with humanity during the visit, and he began to look for a special plan for these elderly people.

Occasionally, Namaste Care entered the field of vision of Taikang Communities, and has started a relationship with the elderly in China since then. After being introduced to the concepts and practices of Namaste Care, the care team immediately embraced it, and can’t wait to try it in their own care units. After a brief but fruitful pilot, we quickly rolled out the Namaste Care in the memory care floors and skilled nursing floors of Taikang Community’s 12 CCRC campuses across the country.

We designed the decoration plan of Taikang Community’s Namaste Care Room, as well as the daily schedule of its service, thanks to on Ms. Joyce Simard’s monograph “The End-of-Life Namaste Care Program for People with Dementia” and other publicly available documents. While drawing on international experience, we actively integrates Chinese cultural features, such as traditional music and local food, into Namaste Care.

We also organized sharing sessions on their practice of Namaste Care in the Taikang Communities across the country. Each team shared their experience and innovations in practicing Namaste Care, and learned from each other. The happiness and glowing eyes of the residents in the videos shared by our care partners, gave us a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Family members of the residents also eagerly embrace the concept of Namaste Care. One daughter, who took part in the Namaste care and gave her mother a hand massage, said excitedly, “The aroma of the essential oil is conveyed to my mother through gentle skin touch, and I can feel my mother’s enjoyment and relaxation. Although she can’t express it in words, I believe she has received my love!”




我们基于Joyce Simard女士的专著《The End-of-Life Namaste Care Program for People with Dementia》,以及其他可以公开获得的资料,设计了泰康之家合十护理室的配置方案,以及合十护理室的每日常规服务。在借鉴国际经验的同时,在服务中积极融入中国文化特色,例如中国音乐和当地的食物等。



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