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Ever wondered what Namaste would look like in Canada?

We see Namaste Care as uniquely important in offering life enhancing activities to a segment of our resident population who previously had little in appropriate programming. Anecdotally and through data collection we have clear evidence that Namaste Care improves quality of life for participants.

Equally meaningful and especially through the pandemic taking Namaste Care to the bedside has ensured that end of life is peaceful, as pain free as possible and no one dies alone.

We at Saskatoon Convalescent Home managed to maintain the Silver Standard of Namaste Care through much of the pandemic. Changes were required such as smaller numbers of participants, eliminating common touch items and absence of volunteers. Staff concentrated on gentle touch activities, quiet music, attention to hydration as well a lot of time spent outdoors when possible. In early 2021 an outbreak did close the program for a period but overall, it has been a great benefit to residents to have Namaste Care continue in the face of so many other losses.

We are not aware of other Namaste Care Programs in Canada.

We are currently, with Dr. Joyce Simard’s assistance, working with our Board of Directors to explore the possibility of offering Namaste Care training out to other sites and communities in Canada.

Namaste Care Family Programme In Canada

Namaste Canada In Action

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Sheila Gordon

Sheila Gordon is a registered nurse with additional studies in gerontology. She has been working in the long term care sector since 1982. First as a unit nurse and then as director of care with multiple organizations, she found her true nursing passion in working with the elderly. Over time Sheila has seen the care of the elderly evolve into a specialty in its own right. While celebrating improvements in quality of life for those in care, it was evident to her the needs of everyone were still not being met. In 2016 Sheila embraced the opportunity to participate in and lead Namaste Care for end stage dementia residents at Saskatoon Convalescent Home in Saskatchewan, Canada.She is very excited to share and learn and grow through Namaste Care International.

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