Namaste care has also had to adapt to the current context of care. Some people can receive Namaste within a social bubble of their care home or the care home floor. Other people have continued to practice Namaste on a one-to-one basis provided care on the bedside. We are passionate about sharing our important message with the rest of the world and for people to still be ‘touched’ and for connections to be made and continued.

Carers are the fabric of our society; they are just as important as doctors and lawyers and many others. We need to recognise and understand the amazing work that they do. In western culture the older you get the more people try to hide this or express shame at their advancing in age.Older people are often undervalued. In other cultures around the world the older you get the more you celebrate being older in age is seen as an achievement and a mark of wisdom. In the fast-paced world in which we live in today, older people can often be overlooked and sometimes forgotten.

The real heroes are those people who have put themselves and their families on the line to care for others during the pandemic.

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