Namaste around the World

What does Namaste look like around the world?

Ever wondered what Namaste would look like in Greece?

Our Greek Namaste Champion has been working very hard overseas implementing Namaste within her homes. The kind nurture that Namaste brings has enlightened many homes in Greece to implement our ethos. Namaste Greece!

Namaste is also growing fast in Czech Republic

Simona’s approach to Namaste in the Czech Republic has been phenomenal. Namaste Czech Republic!


At the end of October delegates from the Kwong Yum Care Home of Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union accompanied our Australian Champion, Dr Sara Karacsony of the University of Tasmania, to Minchinbury Manor in Western Sydney. The visitors had travelled to Canberra for the 8th International Conference on Ageing and Spirituality, organised by Charles Sturt University, and to Sydney to learn how to adopt Namaste Care in their hospice setting. Recruited for a research study led by Professor Esther Chang from Western Sydney University in 2010, Minchinbury Manor has the longest running Namaste Care program outside the USA. Lynn Mowbray, Executive Manager of Minchinbury Manor commented “Families are happy to have their loved one in the program and appreciate the non-clinical and ‘cosy’ atmosphere of the dedicated Namaste Care space. Residents who were lost in the system, can be included in Namaste Care. Staff experience fewer demands on their time and are confident that the residents are secure with their needs being taken care of within the program. I am unequivocal that residents receiving Namaste Care are more settled and this reduces the need for antipsychotic medications”.


The AIC is Singapore’s national care integrator, looking at coordinating the delivery of aged care services to enhance service development and capability, building across both health and social care domains. The Community Health Division works closely with providers in mental health and dementia services for clients in the community setting.

  • The main aim of AIC to create a vibrant care community for our people to live well and age gracefully through supporting partners and strengthening their capability to delivery quality care.
  • During their visit in 2019 to our annual Namaste conference, as a memento, the visitors presented Rishi and Sherine Jawaheer with a beautiful ‘Colours of Community Care’ plaque, featuring artwork by seniors on the AIC’s visual arts Wellness Programme. Rishi plans to pay a visit to the AIC in 2020.

The Netherlands

Hanneke strides in improving care for older adults in nursing and care homes through scientific research in the Netherlands. She has trained both nursing staff of nursing homes in the Netherlands- playing a fundamental role in implementing Namaste Care in their homes across the Netherlands.

Have a look at The Netherlands Namaste website:

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