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What does Namaste look like around the world?

Ever wondered what Namaste would look like in Singapore?

The AIC is Singapore’s national care integrator, looking at coordinating the delivery of aged care services to enhance service development and capability, building across both health and social care domains. The Community Health Division works closely with providers in mental health and dementia services for clients in the community setting.

The main aim of AIC to create a vibrant care community for our people to live well and age gracefully through supporting partners and strengthening their capability to delivery quality care.

During their visit in 2019 to our annual Namaste conference, as a memento, the visitors presented Rishi and Sherine Jawaheer with a beautiful ‘Colours of Community Care’ plaque, featuring artwork by seniors on the AIC’s visual arts Wellness Programme. Rishi plans to pay a visit to the AIC in 2020.


Mdm Ng Boon Chan

A newly admitted resident who rarely smiled or talk with the staff, Mdm Ng is a picky eater and refuses activity engagement. After Namaste Care was introduced to her, she started to converse with staff and engaged in activities. Her appetite also increased, demonstrated in a weight gain of at least 8kg.

Mr Lim Yu Wui

Mr Lim used to tap anything that is caught in his hands. He also regularly shouted, made irrelevant sounds, and didn’t sleep well at night. After he was engaged in Namaste Care, he became calmer and quieter. He converses with staff instead of shouting. He also sleeps well at night now

Mdm Ang Sew Chu

Mdm Ang Sew Chu Mdm Ang was uncommunicative and rarely opened her eyes. She also needed to be fed by staff. At night, she tended to make noises and have interrupted sleeps. After being engaged in Namaste Care, she became more alert. Her eyes are now much brighter, and she has learnt to communicate her needs to staff by making sounds and gestures. She even regained her independence in eating by herself and since gained weight. She now has a much more peaceful sleep.

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