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What does Namaste look like around the world?

Ever wondered what Namaste would look like in Netherland?

Hanneke strides in improving care for older adults in nursing and care homes through scientific research in the Netherlands. She has trained both nursing staff of nursing homes in the Netherlands- playing a fundamental role in implementing Namaste Care in their homes across the Netherlands.

Person-centered, loving care and maintaining meaningful activities are very important for people with advanced dementia. Namaste Care incorporate both aspects and can so enhance the quality of life of the people living with dementia. We believe that, even during the COVID-pandemic, Namaste Care can and should still be provided.

In December 2020, we started a follow-up project in the Netherlands to promote Namaste Care and to stimulate further implementation of the program. This project is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw). Josine Engels has joined the Dutch team as the project coordinator, to support the Dutch Namaste-champion Hanneke Smaling.

For 2021, we have several activities planned:

- A follow-up study to examine the status of Namaste Care in the nursing homes that implemented the program between 2016-2018 as part of the Dutch Namaste study, and examine the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Namaste Care.

- Updating and improving our Namaste manuals for family caregivers and for healthcare professionals, in both nursing homes and the home setting

- Develop a Namaste Train-the-Trainer Program for healthcare professionals and train at least 8 healthcare professionals to become Namaste Care trainers

- Initiate a national registration system for certified Namaste Care Trainers

- Develop an online Namaste Care webinar for healthcare professionals and volunteers

We are looking forward to a fruitful follow-up of Namaste Care in the Netherlands.

Namaste Care Family Programme in Netherlands



Namaste Testimonials

Hanneke Smaling - Netherlands
Namaste Care is all about bringing joy and comfort in the lives of people with dementia. By using meaningful activities, we try to connect with the person with dementia. It is about the little moments where you feel that you were able to true connect with the person with dementia to motivate me to continue. For example seeing a smile on the face of the resident that is often non-responsive, hearing a resident speak a full sentence that before Namaste did not say more than one or two words, and seeing the woman that always wandered the corridors sitting in the Namaste room in a comfortable chair with a relaxed expression on her face. The beauty of Namaste Care lays in its simplicity, no expensive equipment or elaborate training is necessary, just loving care and personal attention. It helps family caregivers to meaningfully connect to their loved one. It is a great tool to bring person-centred palliative care to life and to involve family caregivers in a positive way with the care for their loved one.


Dr Hanneke Smaling

Hanneke Smaling has Master’s degrees in Clinical Neuropsychology and Organizational Psychology. She did her PhD from 2011-2016 at Leiden University. Hanneke works as a senior researcher at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and University Network for the Care sector South-Holland (a network of the LUMC and 12 affiliated healthcare institutions). For the research project ‘Effects on quality of life and family caregiving experience by the Namaste Care Family program for advanced dementia’, Hanneke has trained nursing staff of 12 nursing homes in the Netherlands and helped them implement Namaste Care in their homes. Hanneke is also the associate director of Namaste Care International.


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