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The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Under tumultuous times, there was concern that how we could get connected learn Namaste Care from Professor Joyce Simard beyond any physical boundaries in Hong Kong. The online training worked. We were pleased that we were receiving good support from Joyce and the team of Namaste Care International. 22 members of interdisciplinary team from the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Kwong Yum Care Home were encouraged to engage in the 2-day virtual Namaste Care training in the midst of November 2020.

Joyce shared many featured stories and accessible method that explore Namaste Care in our Chinese culture contexts and reflect on the theory and practice of person-centred and spiritual care more creative and broadly. The vast majority of professional and programme staff expressed that it was indeed an inspiring and encouraging journey to learn more about the core value and compassionate practice of Namaste Care. Also, the impact of Namaste Care model of practice was performed as a catalyst for either increased motivation for inner change or for a drive for providing the best quality care to all our older adults, especially those who are living with terminal illness, in our aged care complex. I do remember Joyce shared a story that an old gentleman with double PhD had his reasons to get up after receiving Namaste Care in the residential care facility. That’s what inspired us to have reasons to shed the light for the betterment of our service users under any circumstances. Namaste Care is a kind of good meal to the person, so what we can do the best is to make a good recipe and perform as a good chef so that the person can enjoy the tasty meal no matter who they are, at anytime and in anywhere. Moreover, her teaching also touched our hearts to go deeply grasping what Empathy is. To us, “Empathy is how we reset the same level from the eyes of the person for the person.”

In 2021, Namaste CareTM – Hong Kong session will be launched. Hopefully it will revolutionise and enhance our person-centred care model by providing compassionate and spiritual care more intensively– to be respectful, timely and responsive to the preference and choice of the “Person” and enable them to maintain their capacities as long as possible, while supporting them when they experience the need of dignified end of life care.

The Person does matter.


Vennus Ho Yuen-wai (Namaste Care International Associates)

Vennus is a senior executive as well as a trainer, with an interdisciplinary focus that spans the fields of gerontology, dementia care, palliative care, spirituality, and expressive arts. She has been appointed as a member of Guardianship Board of HKSAR Government since 2017. She is currently serving as the Superintendent of the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Kwong Yum Care Home. Vennus is committed to striving for the high quality aged care, developing innovative and holistic dementia and end-of-life care model and cultivating spiritual care and person-centred care for older adults. She has been providing training and consultancy services in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. She also published several articles in the area of dementia care and completed several evidence-based studies.
As a visual artist, social worker and arts therapist, Vennus is dedicated to integrating arts into life and promoting spirituality and wellness of people. She has been addressing the spiritual needs of older adults and caregivers, and employing expressive arts therapy to fill the niches of practice and research. With her leadership, the team is committed to developing spiritual end-of-life care centre which features Namaste Care to deliver high quality end-of-life care services to the persons with terminal illness and families with a spiritual care focus in the long-term care setting.

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