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What does Namaste look like around the world?

Ever wondered what Namaste would look like in Greece?

Our Greek Namaste Champion has been working very hard overseas implementing Namaste within her homes. The kind nurture that Namaste brings has enlightened many homes in Greece to implement our ethos. Namaste Greece!

What Namaste means to each of you in your country?
Namaste means a meaningful, quality mode of care for patient in advanced stages of illness that causes reduction in cognitive and functional abilities. For me, personally, it is the humanization of care itself, the way to remain real care providers and not simply professionals in the field.

Is Namaste growing in your country?
Here in Greece Namaste Care Program is not yet widely established. It has been realized for the past ten years at the old people’s home I work at. Two years ago after the creation of Νamaste International- we have initiated an endeavor to make the Program known. To the effect, we have formed a group of people –an initial core if you will- stemming from a variety of backgrounds (health, alternative therapeutic approaches, etc.) who were trained (in theory and in practice). The member of this group are able to offer training to other professionals individually and in groups as well as to others who may be interested in introducing such a program to the agency s/he may be working or offering his/her volunteer services. We take part in conferences and other training and educational programs and we cooperate with agencies of common or similar objectives such as palliative care associations, etc. We have to say that development and growth proves to be slow but it is there!

How has it been during the COVID times?
During the Covid-19 crisis, there was an initial shock and panic response as homes were closing down and we have experienced a loss or considerable withdrawal of volunteers and family members. Most of the staff, irrespective of specialization, focused on adapting to the new conditions and, mainly, to the new health protocols pertaining to the virus. With the help of Joyce and the champions from all over the world we found ways to continue application of the Namaste Care Program. We devoted this time to train volunteers via the internet so that the after-Covid period will find us more prepared than ever.

What do you see in the future of Namaste in your country?
I am an optimist by nature and want to believe that we will achieve the goals for this year despite the difficulties that seem unending. We are doing the best we can so that the Program will take its rightful place in our country. Finally, we shall make every effort to provide this valuable tool to everyone who cares for dementia patients and teach them how to make the best of it.



Lena Priniotaki Greece

Lena started working as a social worker in a small municipality of the island of Crete. Since 2007 she has worked in close care settings with elderly people and people with dementia. Lena is now assistant director of two units, ‘Hliaxtida’ (meaning sunshine’for people with dementia and ‘Irida’ (colours of the rainbow) for elderly people with chronic diseases and serious health problems. She is responsible for client admissions, activity programmes, staff education and practical trainingof university nursing and social work students and also supports and educates relatives caring for the elderly.With a special interest in design, organisation and implementation of activities for the elderly,Lena is constantly searching for new ways to improve the quality of life of elderly people living in close care settings. She is one of the first members of the Alzheimer’s Association in her home city of Heraklion. Lena is an expert speaker educating the public on dementia issues and is a member of a scientific team implementing memory enhancement programmes for dementia patients. She is also a member of a new association – “Reading for Others” – and is responsible for its volunteer training.Lena is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health and Social Medicine at the Medical University of Greece.


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