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Ever wondered what Namaste would look like in Czech Republic?

We are in little bit different position than other champions. We use Namaste not just as technique or an activity for people with dementia, but as a tool through which we could improve whole care home and a level of care. We believe that the most beautiful part of care givers proffesion is to spend some time with each client. We use Namaste as a tool how to stop in daily routine and think about each client’s story and needs. Now we have been working in two care homes. In one we have been since January 2020, one year and we can see first results. As one of the caregivers said: “Now I see our clients in different light. I understand that each of them is different.” We believe that this is the point when dignity and really good care start. During covid everything is more complicated, but for some caregivers Namaste means a chance for activity, because regular activities are canceled. We are growing step by step. Each care home in which we are means dozens of more satisfied clients and dozens of more satisfied caregivers. Our plan is offer Namaste to three care homes every year. Our vision is that Namaste care is a way how to measure a quality of care and how to start with discussion “What is the principle of care giver profession? Do they have a really good conditions for it?” We believe that Namaste could be a breaking point in some point of view. Sometimes people say: “Namaste care? Kindness? It’s something alternative?” Our response is: “When we believe that kindness is something alternative, we are lost.” Our goal is remind to public, that kindness is the basic of any care. Namaste care is our guide and compass.



Namaste Testimonials

Simona Bagarova - Czech Republic
We are closer to our clients” said one caregiver to me after few months of Namaste care programme in their care home. And that’s the point. Be close to our clients, be able to perceive their individual needs and be able to slowdown in daily routine. Namaste care is about the most common things which we forget to use. It’s about kindness, touch, senses and people. Namaste care is about relationships between clients and caregivers. What you give, you get. Namaste care International is the most inspiring online meeting which you can imagine. How often do you have a chance to speak with people all around the world? Namaste care International is about support, inspiration and common goal which is dignity and quality as a basic principle of care.


Simona Bagarová

Simona Simona expounds business professionals in corporate companies to help meaningfully and non-profit organisations to think in business-like ways. Through consultations, mentoring, external project management, she collaborates with projects that have decided to professionalize their activities and with companies that have decided to share their success and support high quality socially responsible organisations. With her social worker education she is able to combine the heart of a social worker and the brain of a manager. For her, Namaste care is not just a technique for patients but also the key to professionalize and support teams in care homes and to strengthen dignity in the social sphere. For patients, for nurses, for care givers, for all.


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